Varian Edge Radiosurgery

- ICI was the first free-standing center to offer the advanced Edge technology in the USA

- It was the first center in Florida to acquire the Varian EDGE™ Radiosurgery System


Innovation Is What We Are About

Edge is a dedicated system for performing advanced Radiosurgery designed to treat a wide range of cancers including those in the lung, brain and spine. Edge radiosurgery system offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgery for patients with cancer. This effective procedure delivers powerful, precise treatments to radiosurgery candidates – no incision necessary.

Its advanced technology facilitates the administration of high-intensity radiation to tumors that are typically hard to reach surgically. Edge also has sophisticated monitoring systems which reduce the risk of irradiation to surrounding healthy tissue.

Expanded Possibilities

Edge™ radiosurgery treatment is non-invasive. This system offers cancer patients a fast and effective alternative option to surgery without an incision or anesthesia.


Fast, Focused Treatments

Edge™’s knife-like, high-intensity beams accurately target and destroy tumors. It reduces the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissue.


Comfort and convenience

Each non-invasive procedure, last only minutes without interruptions to daily activities.

Benefits of Using Edge™

- Gives us the ability to treat tumors that are difficult to reach surgically.

  • - Uses advanced motion management techniques that help detect tumor movement to protect your surrounding healthy tissue.

  • - Patients are able to breathe freely and comfortably during treatment.

  • - Very high success rate.

  • -We can treat tumors almost anywhere in the body.

  • - Allows us to use higher doses of focused radiation than conventional radiation therapy, resulting in shorter treatment periods.

  • - Is effective even after conventional radiation fails.

  • - Can treat several tumors in one session.

  • - Can be done more than once.

  • - Can be used as an alternative when conventional surgery is not possible.

Follow-Up Care

After the procedure is completed, we continue to follow you. We monitor your progress and response to treatment.  It is essential to continue follow-up with us after your treatment.


Am I a candidate?

Edge™ expands your possibilities for treatment whether you have brain, spine, lung or another type of cancer but it is not appropriate for all types of cancer.  We encourage you to call our office to schedule a consultation and together, we can determine if it's right for you.